***This page is in progress.

This page is for the hardware that i own and use on a daily basis. I don’t tend to name my machines, so i guess i’ll imagine something for the name 🙂

  • My Archlinux machine -> Archlinuks (will update pics later)

This is my main machine that i use regularly at home for browsing, downloads and so on. It is solely running Archlinux with Gnome 3 (gnome-shell).

-> Intel Atom D510 (1.6 Ghz) with Intel NM10 Express Chipset

-> Integrated GMA 3150 graphics

-> 18.5″ Acer V192HQ Monitor

-> 3Gb of ram

-> 160 Gb internal Sata Hdd + 320 Gb external/internal Sata Hdd using Vantec enclosure

-> ProLink Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

-> Packard Bell Ir remote control

-> Lite-On dvd multi-recorder

  • Asus EEEPC 904HD -> A-sus

I get this laptop so that i can use it when i’m on the go, away from home or at work. Mostly used for browsing and minor work related stuff. Currently running WinXP ( yep..no more linux on this laptop). Before this,  I used to run Archlinux, Fedora Core and !CrunchBang but since i had to give it to my sister ( my compaq laptop died and she has no other pc to use ) i formatted it back to WinXP

-> Intel Celeron Processor (900Mhz)

-> integrated Intel graphics

-> 8.9″ Screen

-> 1 Gb of ram

-> 120 Gb Hdd

-> 802.11b/g WLAN

-> external BenQ Dvd-RW

-> built-in webcam

-> digital media reader

-> nice stickers add-on 🙂

  • Compaq Presario F700 (F762AU) -> com-pak

My first laptop that i buy. Long ago this was my main machine which at that time running WinXP and occasionally dual-boot with Ubuntu (Using Wubi). Now this laptop resides at my house at Papar, for my sister to use. Currently running Win7 Ultimate.

-> Amd turion 64 x2 mobile technology (2.0GHz)

-> 15.4″ WXGA HD Brightview widescreen display

-> NVidia Geforce 7000M integrated display

-> 120GB Hdd

-> 1Gb of ram

-> 802.11b/g WLAN

-> 8x DVD±R/RW wih double layer support

-> digital media reader

-> built-in webcam

-> freedos ( yeah..freedos man..no wonder it’s cheap)

**Sadly this laptop died on me last year 2010 on December. It served me well this whole 3 years

**update coming soon. New pc and tablet has been added to my gears and new 3G modem dongle.