Low End PC

A few months ago i made up my mind that i wanted to built a cheap, affordable, usable low end desktop pc. So there i go searching the net for cheap parts. Then i came across this intel atom motherboard which is integrated with cpu. Price is so-so la but you have cpu and motherboard in one price, how great is that. Also the place i buy this motherboard bundled with 1GB or DDR2 ram but  i regret buying the 160GB harddisk because now i feels like that size is small. Damn! I should have buy the 320 or 500GB instead. After finished shopping then off i go to built my low end pc. To be in budget, i used my old casing . Then i installed ubuntu linux because i wanted to use all free software only, so no winxp or win7. The most expensive that i buy is the monitor which is Acer 18.9″ monitor around RM400+. In the end, the desktop costs around RM1100+, well my budget is off a little because of the lcd monitor to damn pricey.

*More Pics

** I waited 1 whole day to upgrade  from Ubuntu 9.04 to 9.10 using that celcom broadband. Thank goodness it is unlimited usage except for the 5GB limit.


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