Orange Microcrush Mini Amp

Finally arrived! Been waiting in patience for this amp. My fingers itching to plug this amp to my guitar and hear the overdrive roar. I’m gonna play until my neighbors throw stones at my house then i’ll stop. OK the last part is not true. When this amp arrived it is very neatly wrapped and by the looks of the package you can see the amp is quite small, even my hands  are bigger than this amp.

This amp operated using 9v battery or main adapter that needs to be bought separately. The output is 6 watts. It’s a portable 4″ amp suitable as a practice amp. On the design, this orange mini amp is made of wood coated in orange color, a woven grill and a metal control panel coated in white. On the panel have the standard tone and volume controls, input jack, headphone output, overdrive channel and an integrated chromatic tuner. One interesting thing about this amp is that it will only power on when the jack is plugged in. So that’s the basic of this amp. On sound, its quite ok la but a bit poor on the clean sound. It tends to be blurry and overdriven sound when you turn up the volume and when you turn up the tone the sound is crisp but still have the overdriven sound. So good luck on finding the right clean sound. For overdrive channel, thats when you can hear this beast roar and the reason why people like this amp. I am completely blown away when it is on overdrive and it is quite heavy sound on that 4″ speaker.

More pics of the amp

**Bought this item from Price is quite cheap and affordable and hey the seller give me a cool free pick. Cable not included, needed to buy new cable because the cable included with my guitar is bad and useless. So i bought the Vox cable.


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