Telecaster or Strat…

I have been playing guitar since i was a kid. During that time i was only playing acoustic guitar aka gitar kapok. Choice of songs to play? of course la nirvana, oasis etc. As a beginner, i played until my fingers goes numb.  Then when my big brother brought his electric guitar back home, i was amazed by it but too afraid to play it thinking i might break it. Then my cousin come back from kl. Wow..when he plays i was like blurred because he likes to shred like my brother did. When i go to his house i would sit down in front of him and watch he play. That time i don’t know about scales. I only know basic chords and power chords(thanks to nirvana hehehe). Then i dream that when i have enough money i would buy myself one electric guitar. Fast forward 10 years later…..i still play acoustic gitar and i still don’t own an electric guitar….damn it…but since i’m working now so can afford la to buy one but now i have a headache just thinking about which guitar to buy either the telecaster or strat (not the original one la too damn pricey, the squire ones quite affordable la)



or this??



3 thoughts on “Telecaster or Strat…

  1. I personally prefer the Telecaster. The Strat’s controls seem kind of obtrusive to my strumming hand, but that is due to my very relaxed picking style. I also like the brighter sound of the Telecaster, not to mention aesthetics. Tele’s are just straight up cool.

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