Turn off the lights…


Maybe all of you by now already heard and aware of this kempen that on the 28th of mac, tomorrow,  at 8.30pm all people around the world are asked to turn of their lights for only an hour…and all the ghost will come out during that time…zombies maybe..alien anyone? Don’t drink and drive during this time or it will be one hell of a tragedy. Yes it’s a good and honorable thing to do but be careful because anything can happen in a period of 1 hour such as burglary because people won’t notice it. Make sure you are not alone in the house. Hey, i’m just saying.

Tapi bisuk bukan akademi fantasia ka..huh, tinguk dulu kalau orang ikut mau tutup lampu ni..pasal mana buli miss akademi fantasia tu harharhar..afundi earth hour hantar ke…??? lupa suda nombor dia


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