The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Lonely Road

Just now finished… band new album titled Lonely Road. I haven’t got the time hear it..busy bah..but their single “You Better Pray” is already out. Even the music video is out (MTV, Channel V) or you can always search it on youtube..
Ini antara komen-komen yg saya terbaca la dengan track list dia…
“With LONELY ROAD, RJA has created a diverse, stunning rock record that is a huge artistic step forward for the band. Led by the blistering first single, ‘You Better Pray,’ the album forces listeners to stand up and take notice. With songs ranging from the sprawling title track, evocative of Temple of the Dog to the gorgeous, almost do-wopinfluenced ‘Believe’ to the more signature, RJA-sounding ‘Pen and Paper,’ Lonely Road is an album that is certain to establish the band as one of the biggest rock bands in the world.”

Track listing :

1. You Better Pray
2. No Spell
3. Pen and Paper
4. Represent
5. Pull Me Back
6. Step Right Up
7. Believe
8. Pleads and Postcards
9. Lonely Road
10. Senioritis
11. Godspeed

Artist: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Title: Lonely Road
Label: Virgin
Genre: Rock

Release Date: 03.02.2009


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